Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Maker Club Comes to End for the Year

As the Maker Club winds down for the year, students in the club have completed their Indiana Jones game. They have coded, wired, tested, recoded, rewired, and they now have a working game that will be open for students in the elementary school to play and test out. Check out their explanation for how the games works in the video below.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Makey Makey Game Update...We're Getting There

Students in the maker club have been hard at work trying to work out the kinks in their game that involves their tiled floor, Makey Makey, and the lines of code they wrote in Scratch. Here are some images and video that highlight the progress they've been making!

The images above show students in the club preparing to wire the Makey Makey to the floor they created. The Post-It notes on the tiles are there to help remind them what pattern on the floor is the correct path to take people who will play the game to the other side so they can retrieve an idol.

Having the floor wired isn't as easy as it seems. Once students finished wiring the Makey Makey to the floor, they connected to a computer and found that they still have a lot of things to work out in order to make their lines of code run.

This video shows how students are collaborating and working together to find solutions as they work on their project so that it can be successful. As students found out, they still have a ways to go before their game is complete