Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Maker Club Has Officially Begun!

Today the Cadott Elementary School Library's Maker Club kicked off at 7:30 AM in the elementary library. Students learned about the club's maker manifesto and then divided into teams to explore starter projects they could make using littleBits. There will be more making, problem solving, creating, and inventing to come. For now, here are some images of what students accomplished today.

Students work on a prank handshake.

The prank handshake when it was completed.

Testing out the prank handshake. Wow! That was "shocking".

Monday, April 27, 2015

Creating Creatures

In a Lego Quest, students were challenged to design a creature using any combination of Legos. Their designs could be something that was real or something that they imagined on their own. Here are some of the creatures our elementary school students came up with!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yesterday, 4th graders started exploring with the Creative Corner's MakeyMakey by designing some musical chairs. What started with them has crossed all of the grade levels coming into the library and a lot of students have been contributing their own touches, testing out how the chairs work, and just having fun!

As the project develops, students hope to have a set of chairs that will allow others to sit on them and play. This will take a bit of work and some ingenuity, but I think they're going to make it. Check out the photos below to see the progress they have made and check back to see additional changes and accomplishments they have together.